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Michael Taylor

Netflix's Michael Taylor is a nationally-renown ghost hunter and paranormal investigator who has been called upon for his services around the nation. Taylor holds expertise in paranormal communication with and without the use of spirit devices and professional equipment. He conducts his 3.0 Ghost Hunting Tours semi-annually for Hangman Tours at Shakers Cigar Bar in Milwaukee.

Team Members


Bob Weiss

Bob Weiss is the longtime owner of Shakers Cigar Bar in Milwaukee, considered to be one of the most haunted Bars in America, and the founder of Hangman Tours, which has operated Historic & Ghost Tours since 1986 in Milwaukee, WI and Savannah, GA. He also co-owns City of Angels Dark Tours in Los Angeles. Bob had his first paranormal experience at four years old when his paternal grandfather passed in front of him and is considered a skilled "sensitive" and paranormal investigator. Myriad documentaries featuring Shakers & Hangman Tours, including their premiere True Crime product, "The Cream City Cannibal Tour", have been featured on various TV channels and publications. Mr. Weiss is the Producer and Host of the Shakers Milwaukee YouTube Channel and appears on many podcasts and news stories regarding Serial Killers and the paranormal.


Marley Decker

Arizona-based writer and former tour manager for Hangman Tours, Marley has written the screenplays for Hangman Tours’ Savannah Spirits Series. Her work spans various subjects - however, she's always stayed a true lover of the twisted and the strange. Marley has written tours for both Hangman Tours and City of Angels Dark Tours and currently works as the marketing and media manager for both companies as well as Shakers Cigar Bar. As a kid, she watched Forensic Files a bit too frequently for someone her age, but she maintains that unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The opportunity to write and participate in haunted and historical tours has only just begun to quench that thirst for her. Marley has her degrees in English & Psychology and jumps at any opportunity to peel back the layers of the dark and abnormal. 


Media Gallery

EVP + orbs captured by Michael Taylor during an investigation at the Sorrel-Weed House.

What They're Saying

Skeptics should try this tour

"The tour was great, learned a lot about the history of the place and the spirits that reside there. Didn't see any spirits or shadows myself, but I did take a lot of pics (which is recommended) and we were told sometimes it takes awhile for them to show up in photos. The rods were undoubtedly the most interesting part, I would highly recommend anyone who is skeptical to try [it] out."

J. Hef

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